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The easiest way to know who’s in the building, without being there.

TMS Access is a keyless entry system that lets you track who comes in and who leaves—and when. You can program the doors to open automatically at the start of business and lock automatically at close—so no one can forget. The rest of the time, your employees can enter and exit using a programmed key fob or card.

Easy to install, cost-effective to run.

TMS Access is the easiest total solution you can find. It connects directly to your data network and uses power over ethernet to run. That means you won’t need to install costly electrical boxes, control panels, and wires—and it doesn’t require much power to run—helping you keep costs down and stay green. You also won’t need to worry about ongoing labor and maintenance fees, making TMS Access cost effective for any business.

Integrate with your existing systems.

All you need is a CAT5 network—which comes with a TMS Attendance package—and receiver-controllers for your door. Since these controls run on ethernet, the only limit to the number of controllers you can have is the size of your server. And it’s easy to add more—or change the configuration as your needs change. We can also integrate with existing video surveillance, alarm, and other systems. Talk to us for a custom quote.

If you want to know who’s coming in and out and give your employees peace of mind that their workplace is secure—find out how easy it can be. Request a demo or additional information.

Additional Features

A secure building also makes your employees happy. If they have to work late, they’ll know they’re safe.

Our system can integrate with your attendance software to prevent errors. Time of entry and exit can be compared with time sheets for greater accuracy.

Program holidays to remain closed in advance and, in the case of an emergency such as adverse weather, you can lock the doors remotely.


Interested In Seeing More ?

TMS Security offers system design, installation, customer training and support. Let our sales team put together a package for you.