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Our Time & Attendance software, tmsTime has everything a company needs to schedule and track employee's working time and accurately prepare that information for payroll. Employees can punch, request time off and view their benefits. It also includes robust features, such as the ability to track shift differentials and benefit accruals.


TMS offers multiple data collection options. Flexible clocking options include
biometric hand and finger, badge utilizing barcode, and proximity badges.

TMS Attendance software works with Smart Phones and IPads to make punching in as convenient as possible for both the employee and supervisor.

Our clock features are customizable to your company’s needs. Employees can transfer departments, add a call back punch, enter tips, request time-off, and review their schedules and benefits.



TMS Access was the first to market with IP-at-the-Door access control. We provide the only TOTAL SOLUTION in a pure IP access control system, now with total integration to TMS Attendance.

TMS PowerNet Systems are the most cost effective, and environmentally responsible access control solutions in the industry, with infinite expandability.


Employee Mobile
Employees can view their schedule, view open shifts, and request time off from their phone.

Employees can Manage their Own Schedule
Unable to work? Employees can ask to be called off, drop a schedule, or look to trade schedules with ease from their mobile device.

Schedule Employees Instantly from Anywhere

Build an Entire Week’s Schedule in Minutes

Share Schedules with Everyone in One Click

Be Notified when an Employee Edits their Schedule …and Much More!

All Support Specialist are extremely helpful and courteous.

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team, you have a great staff!

“I can always count on TMS! Switching to their Time and Attendance System has been the best decision. Everyone we have worked with has been so friendly and knowledgeable.”

“During remote learning, I wanted to make sure our staff continued to get paid. TMS was an important part of that. We wanted it easy, and TMS’ team made it so our staff could punch in from their phones.”

“Your software is working even better than I had imagined. Your service team made our transition from our old system seamless.”


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