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TMS Support

Our highly skilled technicians provide service in a variety of ways; via telephone, remote desktop support, or on-site if needed. This flexibility ensures the fastest response to customer's needs.

Time Management Systems Remote Support allows our experienced team members to connect directly to your machine securely to troubleshoot your system.  Find out how to prepare your network to take advantage of this valuable and powerful support tool.

TMS Email Whitelist

TMS Software Screen Connect

Certain electronic devices need to be updated to adjust for extended Daylight Saving Time, enacted by the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Find out which devices are affected and how to update them in our support article.

To order supplies, please email

You can contact us via email at You can contact us via phone at 800-282-8463. We are ready to assist you!

Before you call

We’re always willing to help our customers. Here is a list of things to check before you call support. Our support team will need to ask you about them anyways and you may be one step ahead in solving your problem!

Are all of the proper cables still in place?
Has anyone worked on your computer recently?
Have you (or IT) made changes to your network?
Have you rebooted your computer before calling?
If it is a timeclock, check power and communication lines before calling.

Thank you for taking the time to check!

Remote Support