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Control your labor costs.
Manage compliance risk.
Improve workforce productivity.

TMS Time and Attendance is a leading employee time tracking solution based on over 30 years of expertise delivering advanced time and attendance solutions to thousands of organizations. It makes easy work of monitoring employee time and attendance, working flawlessly with our data collection devices.

  • Payroll managers accurately track employee time and wage information.
  • The HR department manages employee absenteeism and leave management.
  • Your company easily complies with complex payroll policies and labor regulations such as FMLA and FLSA.

tmsTime WorkSync

Empowering Employees with Online Scheduling
Create and manage employee schedules made easy.



Employee Self Service provides an online timesheet that empowers employees while reducing workload for HR. Employees gain convenient access to their time and attendance information. They can punch or enter hours worked; transfer to different departments; access their schedule, benefits, and archived time card information; and request time off.


Dashboards highlight important information, allowing you to easily drill down to take action. The Payroll Monitor gives payroll managers a holistic view of Payroll, Scheduling, and Human Resources information in a single screen. Each statistic is linked to more detail. Critial issues, which need correction before payroll is exported, are highlighted. Red warns of errors that must be fixed; yellow indicates that investigation may be needed; green means payroll is ready to go. The payroll export is initiated in one click.


Summary sheets provide summary information for a workgroup or an individual employee, including personal information, worked hours, exceptions, and so on. Create a PDF version of the summary. Export the summary data into Excel. Sort columns descending/ascending order. Change the time period displayed.


Accurate scheduling helps maximize the effectiveness of your workforce and easy scheduling means supervisors can schedule both effectively and quickly. Create, view, or change a specific employee’s schedule weeks or months in advance. Create or change schedules right on the employee’s time card. View schedules for a group of employees, seeing a single week of schedules for many employees on one screen. View schedule summary information for a whole month. Use schedule patterns to automate any repeating schedules without intervention.


Changes made in the time card instantly recalculate so totals, summaries, and employee data are always accurate. Errors and omissions, called exceptions, are flagged automatically in the time card so you know what needs attention. Change punch times and schedules – just click and type. Credit time to the employee. Transfer the employee into another workgroup (department or location, for example). Acknowledge employee exceptions. Perform pay period authorization.


The Incidents and Points module measures employee attendance activity against corporate time and attendance policies and automates enforcement. Enforce employee attendance policies fairly, impartially, and consistently. Automatically flag exceptions to scheduled attendance, such as tardiness and absenteeism, and generate associated point values that show on the employee’s time card. Edit point balances directly from the time card. View all employees with incidents at a glance. Generate employee notification and warning letters automatically.


Benefit Accruals automates the calculation, validation, and granting of accrued leave time. It improves compliance with corporate policies and union contracts and minimizes an organization’s exposure to leave liability and employee grievances. Benefit Accruals also consistently tracks FMLA and other mandated leave policies. Accrual rates and time tracking can vary based on job position, seniority, employment status, or hours worked, among other things.


Leave Management automates employee requests for time away from work and makes it easy for supervisors to approve leave based on organization policies. The system automatically evaluates each request against balances of the requested benefit and other outstanding leave requests. It also shows you the impact on scheduled labor, helping supervisors make better leave management decisions.


tmsTime provides over 50 standard real-time workforce management reports with options for modifying both content and format. The Enhanced Reports module provides an interactive browser-based report generator that gives you greater flexibility in analyzing your critical labor trends. You select the employees or workgroups, data, and subtotaling important to you. A sample report is created and changed as you make report selections, so it is easy to get just the report you want.


Track employees’ time by transferring in real time or allocating after the fact. tmsTime allows the employee to select from up to 7 levels ie: location, department, job, task… No need for multiple time cards or excessive in and out punches. Employees can do this from a PC, Smart Phone, Tablet or time clock.  Track what your staff is doing every minute of the day.

TMS Time can be configured to suit your needs. Let our sales team put together a package for you.