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Our Team

National in Scope,
Local in Effort

Time Management Systems has offices in Sioux Falls, SD, Sioux City, IA, St. Petersburg, FL and Dania Beach, FL. Many of our customers have installations in other locations that we maintain and support across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. TMS supports well over 6,000 customers, which range in size from 5 to 10,000 employees.

Meet Our Team

Team Effort describes TMS. Working together we can provide an environment healthy for growth and creativity. While some companies experience high turnover, we have been able to build and nurture a group of individuals dedicated to helping companies grasp the newest technologies and tools for their business. Year after year our award winning team receives numerous honors which include: Outstanding Dealer of the Year, Sales Leadership and Service Excellence from our vendors. We strive each year to grow our support capabilities and provide customer support and services that you would tell your friends about.
  • Jen Vanderloo
    VP of Finance
  • Mindy Kroll
    VP of Sales
  • Nishanth Kannan
    Director of Customer Support
  • Monica Rilling
    Solutions Specialist
  • Arla Schultz
    Solutions Specialist
  • Brianne Williams
    Project Coordinator
  • Ashley Pugh
    Marketing Coordinator / Accounts Payable
  • Debbie Getz
  • Dora Hadden
    Project Specialist
  • Mindy Lenz
    Project Specialist
  • Tom Durland
    Project Specialist
  • Cindy Frangenberg
    Project Specialist
  • Bob Clark
    Support Specialist
  • Steve Beierschmitt
    Support Specialist
  • Carrie Nelson
    Support Specialist
  • Tabitha Sehr
    Support Specialist
  • Jose Pena
    Support Specialist
  • Allison Jansen
    Support Specialist
  • Rajdeep Nelli
    Application Developer
  • Jeff Hansen
    Security Solution Specialist
  • Chris Pieters
    Training Manager
  • Jordan Campbell
    Support Specialist
  • Jamie Peterson
    Security Installer
  • Jim Wigton
    IT Administrator

We’ve Worked With

“The team at TMS has done an outstanding job of converting our previous software over to theirs, getting it functioning correctly and tweaking things that need to be upgraded as we go along. I really appreciate their top-notch, in-depth knowledge of this software and how quick they have been to respond to my emails and phone calls.”

“I like working with companies like TMS that know what they are doing. Their Time and Attendance System saves me a lot of time. The exception reporting is convenient and easy to use. Something that I thought was going to be so time-consuming and frustrating actually turned out to be totally opposite.”

“SET has been supported by TMS for payroll related software needs for over 20 years. TMS has supplied economical and effective time and attendance software products and time clocks for all our operations. More importantly, TMS has been a business partner by sourcing, implementing and maintaining our software.”

“We would recommend Time Management Systems to any business, big or small because TMS gets it! We truly felt the exceptional staff cared about our needs as a company and we are very happy with the results.

“Everything is running GREAT. The support unit is fantastic! I couldn’t be more pleased with your system. I just wish I had found you guys sooner.”

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