Time Clocks - Time Management Systems

Time clocks are an easy way to eliminate time fraud and reduce administrative costs. Our time clocks come with TMS Attendance software, so you’re ready to start tracking from day 1.

Easier for employees.

Paper time cards, schedules, and vacation requests can get lost, misplaced, or just plain overlooked. Time clocks automate these processes, giving employees the confidence that their time and attendance information is properly recorded. Employees can help themselves. They can review schedules and worked hours right at the time clock.

Easier for you.

Managers and supervisors are busy people, and tracking employee time isn’t their only job. Time clocks streamline tasks like preventing employees from punching in too soon or punching out too late. This helps control unapproved overtime. Automating timekeeping reduces payroll errors and enforces your company’s pay rules. Time clocks track employee time and attendance information that can aid in recordkeeping to minimize compliance-related risks.

Choose your level of security.


Assign each employee a unique personal identification number to clock in and out with. The only cost you’ll pay is for the time clock itself. No accessories required.

I.T. 3200


Track employee’s time with the swipe of a card. These compact, durable, and low-cost cards contain everything to verify your employees quickly. No need to remember a PIN number. Choose from barcode or magnetic strip cards or RFID proximity badges.

I.T. 3200


Because every person’s hand is unique, biometric time clocks provide our most accurate and reliable way to record punches. They eliminate “buddy punching” or employees inappropriately entering time and labor data for each other.

I.T. 3200
  • Compatible with PIN and Biometric.
  • Employees can transfer workgroups and review timecards.
  • Can save punches while offline.
  • Compatible with PIN, Proximity Badges and Biometric.
  • Employees can transfer workgroups, perform callback, enter tips, request leave, review last punch, hours, benefits, and schedules.
  • Compatible with PIN, Proximity Badges, Barcode Cards, Magnetic Strip Cards, or Biometric Finger Reader.
  • Employees can transfer workgroup, add callback punch, enter tips, request leave, review last punch, hours, schedules, and benefits.
  • Capacity: 1,000 employees

Think outside the box.

We also offer time clock options that don’t require a physical box.

SELF SERVICE: Maybe you don’t need a physical time clock. If your employees work online, they can manage their time cards and scheduling through our time app with a secure login.

MOBILE: Have employees working remotely or traveling? They can clock in with our telepunch option using a smartphone or tablet.

Consider your technology needs.

TMS Time can be configured to suit your needs. Let our sales team put together a package for you.