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TMS Video Surveillance

T h e   S m a r t   w a y   t o   p r o t e c t   w h a t    y o u   V a l u e   M o s t .

The Future of Commercial Security Has Arrived

TMS has blended tried and true methods with cutting edge technology to bring smart, customized security solutions to your business.

Seamless Integrations and Enterprise Features

Offering numerous advanced enterprise level features on an endlessly customizable platform, Time Management Systems will both simplify and streamline your video surveillance management. Designed to accommodate any industry’s needs, this powerful and dependable system will reduce costs and optimize operation, allowing your company freedom to do what it does best.

Supports and Works With Most Devices On The Market

Time Management Systems offers extensive equipment integration, supporting thousands of devices including cameras, encoders and I/O modules from leading manufacturers. Its refined user interface guarantees seamless surveillance management. And its cross-platform variability also allows users to access and manage surveillance data from anywhere, at any time.

Open architecture/cross platform

  • Connect from anywhere to share access instantly.
  • Now with even more device support.
  • Support of thousands of devices including cameras, encoders and I/O modules from leading manufacturers.
  • Support cameras at every resolution.
  • Built-in API allowing managed video to be accessed and reviewed by any willing 3rd party device.
  • Able to integrate with any willing physical access control solution.
  • Built-in SDK allowing a 3rd party device to stream into our platform.
  • Built-in HTTP Rest API allowing any 3rd party device to create alarm events in our platform.
  • Able to integrate with any willing video analytic solution.
  • Built-in Storage SDK allows developers to read from or write to any storage location.

Interface is dramatically easier to use

  • Highly refined GUI
    • Seamless transitions.
    • Customizable camera layouts.
    • Zoom, create regions of interest and enhance images.
  • Searching Video
    • Fastest video search in the industry.
    • Users can bookmark specific video segments.
  • Downloading Video
    • Multiple download options.
    • Storage backup.
  • System Programming
    • Intelligent high definition multi-streaming video management with no user programming required.
    • Server and system programming from a single interface.
  • Advanced Features
    • Interactive mapping, alarms, events/notifications, universal fisheye de-warping from a single interface.
    • External alarm events can be delivered right from the IP camera or via network I/O modules.

Enterprise features are standard

Custom User Role Management: create custom roles and share groups of hardware and layouts

  • Multi-Server and Centralized Management
  • Health Monitor: provides real-time insight of camera and server status
  • Video Storage Analytic: insight into storage requirements each camera is using in real-time and forecasts the impact of additional storage
  • Minimize Video Recording Loss: includes failover to protect video recordings from hardware failures and network interruptions
  • LDAP / Active Directory integration for enterprise wide user management is standard
  • Video Wall users can create and remotely manage remote monitors with just a few clicks

Did You Know ? 

Employee theft accounts for 42.7% of inventory shrinkage in retail and that 33% of all businesses bankruptcies are caused by employee theft.

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