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18 Oct 2017
Nurse caring for elderly patient

Why Long-Term Care Facilities Need TMS Attendance

Trying to keep up with your labor challenges while keeping day-to-day priorities in order? TMS Attendance can help! Our software ensures compliance, simplifies budget management, and optimizes staff compassion.

At Time Management Systems, we know that compliance is king—especially in long-term care organizations. From monitoring your census to ensuring proper staffing-to-care ratios, you’re following a lot of policies.

Most organizations still manage shift coverages with spreadsheets, which is time consuming, causes inaccurate data, and leads to low CMS ratings. Additionally, keeping an eye on employee certifications can be tedious. When not properly monitored, these inaccuracies and unmet certifications can lead to penalties and withhold an employee from working.

Our solution

Use our shift and schedule coverage software to stay on track, like a 28-day schedule that’s customized for your staff and ready for posting. This organizes the schedule by employee, showing days off and schedule transfers by job type.

Identify gaps in shift coverage, and then fill planned—and unplanned—absences quickly and easily. DONs, supervisors, and employees all benefit from the convenience and readability that our software provides.

All of this adds up to better absence management!

TMS Time & Attendance Software helps you:

  • Manage absences
  • Receive notification of unexpected absences (via dashboard or mobile device)
  • Find replacements based on preconfigured lists of eligible and qualified employees

You’ll have an accurate, 28-day schedule that meets compliance standards for staffing, alerts you of leave requests, and helps you view those requests against already-approved time off.

Save time and maintain compliance with shift and schedule coverage software from TMS. Call us today and see how our experts can help you!

14 Sep 2017
Word "Security" on computer screen with cursor hovering over it

Protect Your Business—the Smart Way

Too many businesses fall victim to employee theft. Protect your business with smart security solutions from Time Management Systems.

Even the smallest change can save money—or your entire business. Employee theft accounts for almost 43 percent of inventory shrinkage in retail, and 33 percent of business bankruptcies.

From professional consultations to completely updated security systems, Time Management Systems has what you need. Our experts will recommend the best security technology for your business, building, and schedule.

Then, our products ensure that anything you want protected stays that way.

  • Use controlled access for sensitive areas
  • Watch video from high-resolution security cameras—right on your phone or computer
  • Alert and dispatch law enforcement with intrusion alarms

Put your mind at ease when you put our products to work. Talk to us today, and we’ll help you get to a safer place!

14 Sep 2017
Judge gavel with books on table

Overtime Rule Appeal Dropped

The U.S. Justice Department announced on September 5 that it will not defend the Labor Department ruling for extended overtime benefits. The rule, which would increase the salary threshold that qualifies workers for overtime pay, has been on hold since November 2016.

The rule would have required employers to pay time-and-a-half wages to most salaried workers earning less than $47,476 per year. Such an increase would have affected more than four million workers, more than doubling the current overtime pay cutoff of $23,660.

Judge Amos Mazzant, who initially blocked the rule, stated that it “improperly focused on workers’ salaries rather than job descriptions.” The Restaurant Law Center, along with other affected groups and businesses, have stated that they will continue working with the Department of Labor to see that workable changes to the overtime rule are enacted.

14 Sep 2017

TMS Recognized for Top Sales Performance

Time Management Systems has been honored again for top sales performance and customer service. InfoTronics presented TMS with the second-place award for this year’s Dealer of the Year at the InfoTronics annual channel partner meeting.

“This means so much to us,” said Mindy Kroll, vice president of sales at TMS. “We have a great team dedicated to serving great customers, and we couldn’t have received this honor without them all.”

TMS has worked with InfoTronics, a national leader in time and attendance software development, since 1994. Together the groups provide time-saving solutions for businesses across all industries—including healthcare, education, manufacturing, and more.

“To us, this is more than an award,” said Kroll. “It’s a statement that, even though we’re smaller and more rural than most of the competition, our people make great things like this possible.”

About InfoTronics

InfoTronics, Inc. develops and provides time and attendance software solutions to organizations in North America. The company’s time and attendance solutions include human resource and payroll policies, workforce management, scheduling, benefit accruals, employee self service and kiosk, leave management, incidents and points, coverage budgets, and time and attendance reports.

17 Aug 2017

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