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25 Jul 2017
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How Agile is Your Business?

In an ever-changing workplace landscape, an agile human resources department is the difference between keeping business moving and trying to keep up.

Business agility is the ability to respond and adapt quickly to both internal and external environment changes. Technology helps with this agility by allowing us to not only be aware of changes, but also to react to them.

The technology you use and changes you face depend on your business, but both of these factors will always impact your HR professionals. Without HR agility, your business may slow or suffer when changes occur.

What does an agile HR team look like?

An agile human resources model approaches the typical office responsibilities from a more efficient direction. In addition to setting, monitoring, and enforcing workplace policies, agile HR teams adapt these policies to internal and external requirements.

An agile HR team is one that:

  • Delivers a strong, focused mission and keeps all employees engaged with it
  • Encourages collaboration, information-sharing, and project management
  • Offers peer-to-peer rewards and recognition
  • Motivates employees to be innovative and adaptable

The result is streamlined and productive collaboration among employees, empowering them to be ready for any changes that occur.

How do you get there?

With everything that your HR team does, there are countless practices and technologies to make them more agile—and time tracking software is one of them.

Time and attendance software from Time Management Systems helps your HR team monitor everything from government policy changes to employees’ paid time off. Encourage collaboration with Employee Self-Service modules that allow employees to enter hours worked, access schedules, and view benefits. Use the Incidents and Points module to reward and recognize employees for accurate attendance.

Our modules will communicate with any software you have, allowing you to adapt to whatever situations arise.

We can help!

At Time Management Systems, we’re committed to making your workplace more agile and efficient. Our products are designed to adapt based on your needs—and are backed by our expert customer service. Get in touch with us to learn more!