Mechanical - Time Management Systems

TMS Time Clocks

Mechanical time clocks provide solutions for a wide range of essential employee time keeping needs for businesses. Mechanical time clocks are available at low, economical costs and flexible to meet any work schedule or application.

Amano PIX-25

  • Ability to Synchronize to the Atomic Clock
  • Atomic Clock Indicator on Clock Screen
  • Ribbon Ink Capacity Indicator on Clock Screen
  • Quartz Clock Accuracy
  • Configurable Print Direction for Left or Right Hand Printing
  • Prints Multiple Languages and Pre-Configured Messages

Amano TCX-21

  • Large, Easy-to-Read Analog Clock Face
  • Selectable Four-Digit Year Imprint
  • One-Touch Setup for Seven Right-Hand Print Styles
  • LED Display of Year, Month and Date
  • Printer Plate and Margin Adjustment

Amano MJR-7000

  • Totals Hours for up to 100 Employees
  • Calculates Hours Worked; Separates Regular and Overtime
  • Automatically Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatically Advances Year, Month and Day
  • Programmable Zones for Late Arrival or Early Departure
  • Automatic Break Deduction

Rapidprint ARL-E

  • Easy Change Ribbons with Automatic Advance and Reserve Action
  • Imprints Date and Time Automatically
  • Adjustable Stamping for Multi-Copy Form
  • Solid-State Circuitry
  • Rugged Die-Cast Case with Lock
  • Solid Brass Type Wheels

Widmer T-LED-3

The Widmer T-LED-3 Electronic Time & Date Stamp is versatile,
featuring high quality, clean, crisp imprints. It is compact and
offers a variety of desirable features. This product has instant
trigger operation, you just insert the paper and it stamps. The
ribbon is quick and easy to change, no mess. The new open throat
and finger indent case feature allows for greater accessibility.
Documents of letter size or small tickets can be inserted with
ease. stamping pressure can be electronically increased to
penetrate through multi-part carbon and non-carbon forms.
Inscriptions can be both above and below the time and date line.

Consider your technology needs.

TMS Time can be configured to suit your needs. Let our sales team put together a package for you.