Training Calendar - Time Management Systems

Training Calendar

Event NameFormatDuration
Introduction to the Manager Portal (Core)Recorded Webinar1 Hour
Introduction to tmsConneXionRecorded Webinar1 Hour
How to Use ESSMobile3Recorded Video6 Minutes
Introduction to Scheduling in CoreRecorded Webinar1 Hour
PBJ Best PracticesRecorded Webinar33 Minutes
How to Punch Using ESSMobile3Recorded Video1 Minute
How to Transfer Using ESSMobile3Recorded Video2 Minutes
How to Message Using ESSMobile3Recorded Video2 Minutes
How to Request Time Off Using ESSMobile3Recorded Video2 Minutes
Time Card Review Using ESSMobile3Recorded Video1 Minute
Introduction to the Employee Portal (ESS)Recorded Video10 Minutes
TMS PayOnDemand Powered by Clair WebinarRecorded Webinar30 Minutes
Preparing for Biometric ConsentRecorded Webinar30 Minutes
Introduction to Power BIRecorded Webinar20 Minutes
Preparing Payroll for SUIRecorded Webinar20 Minutes
Leave Management in CoreRecorded Webinar45 Minutes
Preparing Payroll for QuickBooksRecorded Webinar20 Minutes