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Save Time & Money

By automating your time and attendance process, you can reduce your liabilities and increase your efficiencies at the same time! On average, human errors when calculating payroll hours cost companies between 1% - 4% of the total payroll. For example: A Biweekly Payroll of $25,000 with just a 1% error rate would cost the company $6,500 yearly. Couldn’t you find a better way to use that money?




Having an industry-leading time system that provides hours worked is the first part of the journey, not the destination. Controlling labor costs, minimizing your compliance risk, helping to increase productivity by knowing your labor costs are all important considerations for your time system.

With all our solutions, we deliver the high-quality labor information that you need to make better decisions. Whether you need a straight forward system with no frills or a more extended system with all the bells and whistles, TMS has the right solution for you! Take a look at our options and imagine the possibilities. We look forward to helping you reduce your stress over time and attendance tracking while increasing your ability to manage your labor cost more effectively.

** Affordable Care Act **

TMS can provide all the necessary tools to prepare your company for 2015. Our software will track your employees eligibility status to ensure your company is compliant. This feature is included in the core software, no add-ons or additional monies to ensure you are ready for the changes that lie ahead. For more information please contact sales at 800-282-8463 x 5201.

TMS MyTime
The most cost effective Time and Attendance system available for small to mid-sized companies. WIth its easy to learn and simple to use features, you will increase your efficiency in no time. Whether you're looking to make the move from manual tracking to an automated system or are unhappy with your current automated system, MyTime provides all the important information you need without all the extras you don't want.

TMS Attendance
Our comprehensive labor management system is based on 30 years' experience of time and attendance. Reduce labor expenses, process payroll more quickly, and no longer worry about servers, back-ups, and security. Our hosted time and attendance service meets labor management needs at every step of the process, allowing you to get back to business.

TMS Access
Our PowerNet systems are the most cost effective access control solutions in the industry. The patented combination of panel functionality and reader functionality are combined in the compact form factor of the PowerNet Reader-Controller, which typically means significantly less hardware cost versus traditional panel-based systems. The Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities of the PowerNet means no external power source or extra power wiring for the access control system itself or for the lock or other auxiliary devices. The PowerNet is the greenest, most environmentally responsible access control system in the world, and the most cost effective to operate from a power usage perspective.

Human Capital Management

Control Labor Costs
Labor costs account for a significant percentage of every organization's budget. TMS Attendance can handle the challenges such as payroll errors, accidental over-payments and buddy punching by hourly personnel. Factor in the loss of productivity due to unnecessary manual processes, human error, and scheduling conflicts and it becomes increasingly difficult to control your labor costs - costs that can be controlled by TMS Attendance.

Pay them Correctly and Efficiently!
At TMS, our comprehensive and flexible time systems are all designed to simplify the complexities of payroll. Our client focused, highly customizable, time solutions help streamline workflow, ensure accuracies and maximize efficiencies. We are committed to providing you the tools to take control of your payroll, allowing you to get back to business.

TMS Complete Solutions
We will provide streamlined, automated tools that help you track time and attendance, reduce manual administrative tasks, guarantee payroll accuracy and provide the type of support you've come to expect from TMS. We'll help you reduce costly errors, increase productivity and control labor costs - human capital management doesn't have to be so hard.


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