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16 Nov 2016
Should You Reclassify Employees?

Should You Reclassify Your Salaried Employees?

How to Decide if Overtime Will Be a Burden for Your Business

It’s almost the holiday season, which could mean longer hours for your employees. So what will you do when the standard overtime salary threshold jumps from $23,660 to $47,376 on December 1? Will your salaried employees be eligible for time-and-a-half? It’s time to find out. To minimize overtime costs, you’ll also want to look closely at whether these employees should be reclassified.


10 Oct 2016
Overcome the Time-Tracking Stigma

Overcome the Time Tracking Stigma

How to Talk to Employees About Salary Reclassification

The Department of Labor’s new overtime rule might initiate some awkward conversations with your previously exempt salaried workers. The trouble is that, in order to pay them overtime, nonexempt but salaried workers will need to start tracking their work hours—and some of them may not be happy about this. (more…)