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Three benefits of using time tracking software

Managing time means getting work done. For your business, that means being productive and, as a result, more profitable. Time tracking software provides a helpful solution to making that happen—and takes some of the burden off your human resources professionals. Streamline your business operations with these three benefits of using time tracking software.

Cost savings

As a business owner, you know that time is money. By reporting how much time is spent, and on what, your employees provide workflow insights that can then help you answer questions and make profitable decisions.

For example, how long is each part of the production process taking? How long do we want it to take? And, if those numbers don’t match, where can we reallocate time?

Monitoring your employees’ time helps you more closely examine your work processes, find inefficiencies, and take steps to improve them. You’ll cut out unnecessary expenses that are costing you money and refine your production process to be more efficient.

As an added bonus, this saves human resources professionals the time and trouble of finding inefficiencies themselves. By having a time tracking software to do it, your HR staff can focus their time on other job duties.

Useful Reporting

When making investments, people want to know that what they’re putting in is paying off—and your customers are no exception. You’ll need the numbers to prove that your services are worth their investment, and time reporting helps you find these numbers.

Our time and attendance software provides breakdowns and summaries that illustrate where hours are logged by each employee. Given this data, you can define how long each part of a project takes and provide your clientele with more accurate estimates for a project.

These summaries can also show you how much time is spent on internal versus external work—a statistic that can help you make business decisions to balance that workload in the most profitable way. Tracking time and attendance ensures that you remain compliant with labor regulations such as the Affordable Care Act, FMLA, and FLSA.

Increased productivity

Defining standard times for your processes helps you set goals for the future. Putting a set number of hours to your processes monetizes them, which shows employees how important their time and work really is. This, in turn, helps keep your employees on track and encourages them to reach those goals.

By helping you set goals, time tracking software also helps employees prioritize their work. They can then determine what needs to be done when, and focus their time accordingly. The result is more productive workflow for you and more direction for employees.

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Managing time is essential to making sure employees’ work is getting done in the most profitable way. With time tracking software, you can do exactly that—without having to micromanage. Get in touch with us today to see how time and attendance software can streamline your business operations.